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Buy counterfeit money paper – Best quality rag paper

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Buy counterfeit money paper – best quality rag paper.

In order to make high-quality counterfeit money, you certain things. You need the right type of paper, printing machine, ink, chemicals among other essential things. One of these very important elements is the paper you use. You can’t just use any kind of paper. For instance, you can’t use the paper used in printing ordinary documents to print quality fake money.

The question then is: What kind of paper is used to print counterfeit money? Or What is the paper used in producing fake money? The answer is simple. It’s rag paper but be warned. There are some crackpots out there selling bad quality rag paper or fake rag paper. What exactly is rag paper?

What is rag paper used for?

Rag paper is made from textile scraps, old fabric, rope, and nets. Currently, only a small amount of rag paper is made and it may contain up to 35% cotton linters. Rag paper is used for artists’ papers, currency, ledgers, maps, blueprints, and writing paper.

Counterfeit money paper (rag paper)

Rag paper is also popularly known as money-making paper (not just counterfeit or fake money paper is the best quality paper used in producing currencies or banknotes or money notes. The quality of the paper is so exceptional and conforms to international currency standards set by the world bank.

Can I buy counterfeit money paper or rag paper?

Let’s rephrase the question. Am I legally permitted to buy rag paper? Or is it legit to buy rag paper? The answer is emphatically YES. Unlike undetectable counterfeit notes or fake money which must be shipped discreetly in case you’re ordering a very large quantity of counterfeit money, rag paper is 100% legit. As a matter of fact, you buy rag just like you will normally buy anything on Amazon or Ali Express. Not only can you buy it and get it shipped to you, but you can also produce it as well. That’s if you have what it takes and know how to.


Buy counterfeit money paper – best quality rag paper.

Our rag paper is:

  • Professionally made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. 
  • Acid-free.
  • Medium-rough surface.
  • Deckle edged.
  • All papers are internally sized with neutral pH size. 
  • 210 gsm, 320 gsm, and 640gsm papers are internal and surface sized (tub sized) with gelatine.
  • For watercolor and all painting and drawing media or printing counterfeit money.
  • 150 gsm, 210 gsm, and 320 gsm papers come in packs of 20 sheets; 640 gsm papers come in packs of 10 sheets.
  • White rag paper envelopes with deckle edges on the flap. 
  • In C7, C6 and C5 formats.  Medium-rough surface.  These come in packs of 20 envelopes.
  • C7 takes A7 unfolded or A6 folded in half.
  • C6 takes A6 unfolded or A5 folded in half.
  • C5 takes A5 unfolded or A4 folded in half.

Why buy rag paper from us?

Buy Fake Dollars has been around for over 25 years. If you’ve ever used a fake dollar bill of any country, the chances are that they were printed and shipped by us. We supply fake dollars to different countries and different people from all works of life. We deal with small counterfeit companies, major dealers, politicians, casino owners, government officials and many others anonymously.

Our system is built to protect this lucrative network that took us many long years to establish. Therefore, your discretion, security and safe usage of our counterfeit dollar bills is 100% guaranteed.

We are the best and Unique producer of Super Undetectable Counterfeit Dollars. Our team of technicians and specialists produce Super Counterfeit Dollar Banknotes of top quality and grade A fake dollar notes that match the uniformity and identity of original notes for all dollar currencies that when tested by money detectors stay unidentified. Our bills contain special security features as that of originals and contain modern holograms and security threads.

Our experts are always studying banking security systems and algorithms of money detecting machines and always upgrade to meet up with the latest developments and bypass all possible detection checks.

We print and move Third series Grade A dollars.  Our money (dollar bills) is perfectly reproduced, indistinguishable to the eye and to touch. We are sending in various sizes very similar to the weight and size of real dollar notes, packed and hidden so customs never find it in a package.  All our dollar notes carry the recent holograms and water marks and have been tested 98% to pass the UV-light detector test. We deliver the dollar bills directly to your home address or mailbox without the interference of customs and authorities. We do not only offer our clients with high-quality dollar bills but we also provide a 100% safety because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

To become a wholesaler or trusted agent in your locality, contact us.


Buy counterfeit money paper - Best quality rag paper


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